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hello world Jess'Joys about

In this blog I share thoughts, information and advice on all the things that bring me joy. I’m looking to increase my physical and mental health, learning and laughing all the way.

After stumbling upon personal development in 2015, my life changed. I realised I wanted to test myself and live life with that little bit more joy in it.

In early 2016 I left my career to travel the world and became a yoga teacher along the way. Now back in my home town of Glasgow, Scotland, I’m exploring what a new lifestyle might look like. So far, that has involved yet more travel and the launch of my marketing consultancy for life coaches. I use my skills to share word of their skills. I am very happy to know that means helping more people get involved in personal development and en route to uncover their joie de vivre.

If you’re interested in enjoying a healthy and happy life, please take a read and join in the conversation. I would love to hear from you!