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The Month of January

The post is inspired by a post from the fab blog, Reynolds Made. I thought the idea of reflecting over past months would be a useful way to see how I spent my time and track growth over the year. I then got distracted and never got round to posting this! But rather than delete it, I’m posting it now. I really look forward to looking back over the year in this way and also taking the time to take stock as the year passes. So here goes!

What I did in January…

Started blogging more

This wasn’t that hard since I was posting sporadically at best. However, somehow the social side of blogging became visible to me and I’ve been encouraged by other bloggers like Reynolds Made and DeviseCreateConcoct to get involved and share more. And I’ve been enjoying the process!

Did a workshop on desire mapping by Danielle LaPorte

I loved this innovative, heart-centred goal setting process and wrote the blog post ‘How do you want to feel?‘ about it if you want to learn more.

Tried daily habits

To get our year off on the right track, my kind and willing boyfriend Philippe and I decided on several tasks that we would do each day for a month. We printed out a chart from Productive Flourishing with 5 tasks each and stuck it on our fridge. Each day we marked whether we had completed the action or not, and could add notes. I found this technique pretty effective, at least when it came to reminding me to do something I really thought it worthwhile to do. I walked 10,000 steps a day, even when I had to jog on the spot through half a movie to do it, I did a handstand every day, and I’m proud to say that flossing is still a nightly occurrence for me. However, writing a daily ‘to do’ and ‘to done’ list never really stuck. I might return to this technique in the future when I feel the need for a bit of an overhaul though.

Cadence and I Month of January

Made my sister’s birthday present

I used the website Tuxpi to crop 40 pictures of my sister and me over the years for her 40th birthday gift.  I then organised them to fit an A4 frame and printed it for her birthday gift. She (and therefore I) was really happy with it! 🙂 Above is out first photo together which went at the beginning of the page.

Taught yoga

After qualifying as a yoga instructor last year I did a lot of traveling and never settled into regularly teaching yoga. With the new year I realised that that was STUPID and so started to look for opportunities to teach. The stars aligned when my neighbours said they were looking to try yoga and I taught them in my flat! We had a lot of fun and I got to finally put my skills to use.

Sang in a choir

As part of the Desire Map process, I realised I wanted to sing more. I looked for local options and ended up at a Rock Choir practice. It was great fun! I luckily ended up by a fantastic singer who helped me to lock down the harmonies, and it was just a lovely experience. Although I haven’t been back (it’s not cheap!), it is going on my list of things to do once I’m back in regular employment. The experience has encouraged me to sing loud and proud to musicals in my kitchen several times though, and that is definitely a win.

All in all…

January was a full on month. After starting the year as we always do with Philippe’s family in France (the cover photo is the sunset of 2016 over the Mediterranean), our arrival back in Glasgow prompted a refocus on what we want to achieve this year. I tried lots of new things and was so happy to meet lots of nice people at various meet ups. The challenge would be to kee up momentum…

Has anyone else done a monthly summary? I’m going to try and get a quick February one done soon so I’m in a good position to get March’s out on time. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “The Month of January

  1. reynoldsmade says:

    So happy to inspire a fellow blogger Jessica 🙂 That’s great re the teaching yoga. I can imagine its quite a lot of fun on a one-to-one basis. And the singing in a choir sounds very therapeutic (if only I could sing and not sound like a bunch of cats being murdered!). Looking forward to seeing what February held for you too 🙂 x

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