podcasts can change your life

Podcasts can change your life

Podcasts can have a significant effect on your life, as they have had on mine. When I started being aware of personal development, it was podcasts that gave me direct access to  wisdom and encouragement, whenever I needed it. Which was often.

At first I would laugh at how clichéd the content seemed to me. Thoughts like “Why the hell are all these people getting up at 5am?!”, “No, jovial host, I am not a goal achiever” or, most often, “Could these people be anymore…American?!” would circle through my Scottish head (BTW, by ‘American’ I mean determined and confident!). But I also realised that I could do with a bit more determination and confidence in my life. So I kept listening.

Overtime the podcasters became like friends and teachers, introducing me to new thought processes and ideas on life. I started to think differently and found myself advocating a more proactive and conscious way of living. As described by blogger Steve Pavlina, “Eventually that little pattern that was once just an idea becomes dominant enough to start influencing thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviour congruently.” The pattern of listening to podcasts during my commute and downtime had started to change my life.

A few years later and I’m still listening and growing thanks to the powerful content held in these podcasts. My favourite shows may have changed but the podcasts here will always hold a special place in my heart for having encouraged me to live my life more purposefully. I hope that you will find value from them too!

Podcasts that encourage intentional living

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes is to my ears a total jock, with heart. He has the standard rags to riches story, and lots of great personalities from all walks of life on his show. I feel like I’m getting a locker room pep talk when I listen, and I’ve never even played sports. “It’s time to go out there and do something great”!

The Charged Life

Brendon Burchard is positioning himself as a Tony Robbins type guru, and doing a pretty good job of it at that. I’ve noted down a lot of gems from this guy over the years.

This is Your Life

Michael Hyatt is lovely. He seems to live with integrity and I think we could all learn a lot from this guy. Listening is sort of like having a coffee with an approachable CEO. But you get to wear your PJs!

Podcasts for productivity

When you’re struggling to find time for all the learning and work you want to do as part of your intentional life, here are a few podcasts that will get you going:

The 5am Miracle

This show is about dominating your day before breakfast, which thankfully doesn’t necessarily require you to get up at 5am! I love how the host, Jeff Sanders, has so much energy and passion for a life lived on purpose. I also recommend his book as it is full of great tips.

Achieve Your Goals

Hosted by the Miracle Morning‘s Hal Elrod, this is another show that is just bursting at the seems with energy, productivity tips and general motivation.


Brian Johnson authored ‘Philosopher’s Notes‘ where he distils the texts of great philosophers and gurus down into bitesize summaries. The Optimize podcast is basically the aural version. It’s sometimes overwhelming how much wisdom can come at you in 3 minutes of audio. As a heads up, when a podcast is that short, and there is still the same advert for his community on each one, it can get a bit annoying…I could probably recite it verbatim!

I hope that some of these podcasts will be a good match for your tastes. Do you listen to podcasts? Please let me know any I should check out!

13 thoughts on “Podcasts can change your life

  1. gardner1015 says:

    I agree with you. Although I’m not an avid Podcast listener, I do love Ted Talks. They are terrific and the subject matter on Ted Talks is as diverse as the speakers who are selected to give one of the speeches. I’m going to check some of these out. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Luke Jones - Health Room says:

    Great stuff Jess, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Podcasts have been inspiring me for a while now, so much so that I have decided to start my own.

    My favourites include the Rich Roll podcast as well as Ben Greenfield’s podcasts.

    Similarly, I learn so much from listening to others who inspire me to keep growing!

    Like you, I am also a fan of Jeff Sanders. He was kind enough to come and do an interview on my podcast with me! You can check it out here (and maybe leave a short review if you like): http://apple.co/2kjNoGN

    Loving the content, keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

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  3. Dave McAuley says:

    Hey Jess…so my Podcasts are usually themed around whatever is grabbing my attention or that I need to focus on “that day”….quite a few as you may expect lol…

    “Good Life Project” with Jonathan Fields
    “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” with…clue is in the name 😉
    “Side Hustle School” with Chris Guillebeau
    “Steal The Show” with Michael Port
    “Sunday Dispatches” with Paul Jarvis
    “The James Altucher show” with…you know by now
    “The Minimalists Podcast”
    “The One You Feed” with Eric Zimmer
    “Unemployable” with Brian Clark
    “Unmistakeable Creative” with Srinivas Rao
    “The Fizzle Show” with Fizzle

    Also…never be afraid to LOL 😂 in public…keeps the nutters away 😳

    • jessicaconstable says:

      Thanks for these! A few will be in the ‘what I listen to now’ post I’m writing! I was listening to Gretchen for a while but then I got annoyed and still a getting value, might go back though as have 2 of her books in a pile to read!Thank you!


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