4 podcasts to inspire a career change

4 Podcasts that inspire a career change

Think you need to make a career change but not sure where to start? Last year, I felt the same way. Little did I know that it would be listening to podcasts that would really inspire me to take action. Having encouraging and inspiring voices in your head for hours a day can challenge established thought patterns that may no longer be serving you. And replace them with those that do.

Here I’ll share those podcasts that most influenced me in case you too are searching for a little guidance. Listen to these podcasts and I guarantee that they’ll give you the ideas and encouragement you need to feel great and make changes for the better.


When you need a boost to your self-esteem, listen to: 

Life is a Marathon

Listening to the Life is a Marathon podcast, hosted by Bruce Van Horn, is like getting a massive hug from your most supportive friend. In times of stress and worry, Bruce is there to remind you that you are a worthwhile human being, and that everything that you are going through is happening for a reason. And that positive results can come from even the darkest times.

No one tells Bruce’s story better than him, so I will leave you to listen to his podcasts to get the details of his life. Suffice it to say that he has been through times of grief, financial hardship and health problems. Most of this was endured when his mindset was not as it is today, and he nearly gave up on life. Thankfully, he did not, and for the last couple of years has been sharing the lessons he has learned with us.

Every episode ends with Bruce stating “I love you, and life is a marathon, so let’s train for it”. This is the crux of this show – you will learn how to take on life and feel like you’re winning. And very very loved.


When you need motivation to take your life to the next level, listen to:

Happen to Your Career

Presented by Scott Barlow, Happen to Your Career helps you do exactly what it says on the tin. Feeling lost, uninspired and scared? Well not for long! Scott uses his experiences as a HR professional and Careers Coach to guide you along the path to a more fulfilling career – even if you stay in your current job.

Scott also offers an insightful free e-course that helps you Find Out What Fits which I recommend. It helped me! Happen to Your Career is also a great podcast for discovering other thought leaders and going down the rabbit hole of available motivational content.


Hosted by Mitch Matthews (who to my Scottish ear sounds like Owen Wilson), Dream. Think. Do. is another lovely and supportive podcast for those on the look out for their dream life. Mitch interviews inspiring people and also presents deep dives where he shares his knowledge. I always remember a story from Mitch’s youth when he talks about a great manager he had who helped him to progress in his career. Inspiring thoughts on leadership and a great work ethos.

The Portfolio Life

The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins needs a mention in part to recommend his book, The Art of Work, about which I wrote a blog post in the summer. Although I must admit that I have recently unsubscribed, while I was dreaming about how I wanted to spend my working hours, this podcast was inspiring. Jeff has a lovely voice and speaks engagingly about doing work that matters to you, and for that he deserves his place on this list!


Now get listening!

I recommend adding these titles to your podcast playlist and taking the time to listen when you can. They offer priceless support and advice that can jump start your personal development journey.

Have you listened to any of these podcasts already? Do you know more that we should add to the list? Let me know!

I’ll be posting more of my recommended podcasts in future posts.


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