Healthy Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Healthy Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

I love to cook and bake. But more than that, I love to know that I’m eating delicious food that is also good for me. I am always on the hunt for recipes that meet that criteria. On this blog I will share the best ones I find, so that only one of us needs to search!

Today I had a hankering for something apple and cinnamon, and after googling and Pinterest perusing, I found this recipe from blog Blen Did. With no added sugar or oil, the No Sugar Apple Cinnamon Healthy Muffins definitely fit the bill, and turned out to be yummy. They were quick and easy to make, and all done in the food processor so leave minimal washing up. The best part is knowing that all of the ingredients are good for you. The muffins may still fall in to the ‘treat’ category but they are definitely on the healthier end of the scale.

I truly believe that our taste buds have been corrupted by the levels of salt and sugar in store bought and restaurant made food. Making yummy food yourself, like these muffins from Blen Did, is the only way to get them back on track. You deserve it!

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