Questions that haunt my career change


The thoughts that haunt me are:

Is my ‘dream life’ right for me?
Can I make it a reality?

I feel I’m in limbo land trying to answer these questions. In search of the answers, I read books. I listen to podcasts. I do exercises that are said to help guide the way. But still I am lost.

I share summaries of the books I have read here so that others may save time and find their answers sooner. But until I have reached the place I want to be, I can’t tell you whether they will help.

Perhaps one day soon I will look back at this period of transition in my life and realise it was necessary, if not vital, for the wonderful outcomes that lie ahead. I hope so. I am grateful for everyday and I don’t want to waste any of them treading water. But once I set off, how do I know I’m swimming in the right direction?

I may not be going to work in the traditional sense tomorrow but I sure am going to work on something. Myself, an idea, a future. I hope I can make it count.


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