The Power of the Unexpected Gift


Just over a year ago I was promoted at work and a kind colleague gave me a very special gift. At the time I didn’t realise this, and my quasi minimalist tendencies made me  wonder if I would ever make use of the present. What was the gift? A set of notebooks by the designer Caroline Gardner.

The thing is, I have received many notebooks as gifts in the past, and they all reside in a drawer in my living room. Blank. Or worse still, partially blank, with their use now dictated by the lists or journals I had started in them years ago. I just rarely wrote anything on paper anymore. Even shopping lists were held on my phone, avoiding the waste paper that comes after the items are bought.

However, I kept the pretty notebooks and as often happens, a use arose. I began to read about personal development, and the wisdom I was learning needed a suitably inspiring home. Beautiful notepad number 1 found its purpose.

Throughout 2015 my interest in personal development grew, and so did my use of notepads. 3 now full, 2016 has brought more notebooks into my life.

I now realise that the gift had a purpose, just waiting to be realised. I was just not ready to see it. Where else might this apply in life?


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