The walking while working ideal

Listening to Tim Feriss being interviewed on the School of Greatness podcast and so impressed by his love of walking. Imagine how much exercise we could fit in if it were possible to work on the move! Does anyone have any other ideas of when you could walk and work at the same time?

I dread the day I live too far from my office to walk. Without those couple of miles a day, I doubt I’d ever fit in the recommended 10,000 steps daily to maintain a healthy weight and I don’t know if I would have the willpower to make up for the lost exercise…

If you have any opportunity to ditch the drive, or even shorten it so a walk can be added, then go for it! Take some pretty pictures of the route and take the time to smile at a stranger. It is my number 1 step to keeping healthy.

For me it’s time to take the meetings outside. Easier said than done in ‘sunny’ Scotland but worth a shot!

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