The Power of ‘I Don’t’ when it comes to temptation

On my mission to get fitter and stay healthy, I have heard of the power of the phrase, ‘I don’t’. When creating boundaries for yourself, research has shown that you are 25% more likely to follow through on something when you say ‘I don’t (eat calorific fake food) vs I can’t. And I have found that this works!

Today when entering my office’s kitchen, AKA the Healthy Diet Minefield, I was confronted with a delicious looking biscuit. I was tempted. I read the nutritional content. Each biscuit contained 149 calories!

So I thought, “I don’t consume half of the calories that could make up a meal on eating something not much larger than my thumb.”

And I left the kitchen.

One small step for me, one cumulatively large step for my health goals! Does it work for you?

There are powerful stats available at

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