Glasgow walking route – 1.5km

We are hearing more and more about how bad sitting all day is for us. It is the ‘smoking of our generation’ and regular breaks for movement are recommended. Now is the time to take back your lunch break and get out on Gilmorehill.

For my former colleagues at the University of Glasgow, a great route for a lunchtime walk is shown below. You get to enjoy the view from the south front, a nosy at the beautiful house in the park (does someone really live there?!), and feel smug for the rest of the day that you have exercised. Plus research has proven that fresh air and movement makes you more productive, so you’ll make up for that break in no time!

This route is 1.47km (just shy of a mile) and, taking into account a slower pace on the hills involved, can still be done in under 30 minutes. There are also lots of benches along the route where you can check your phone, have a rest, and eat your sandwiches.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

If you have a lunchtime favourite stroll, please let me know!

map of uni walk

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